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Debunking Real estate myths

Debunking Real Estate Myths in Kenya

When buying a home or renting one, you will come across different opinions and views. Some tend to be true and others tend to be fictional. Let’s have a look at few myths floating around; 1. Waiting to Buy when the Price is Low There is no guarantee, that the price will fall and continue […]

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Exploring Rent-to-Own in Kenya

Exploring Rent-to-Own Model in Kenya

Are you looking to buy or invest in a home but have financial constraints? Rent-to-Own is an option for you. Who are the Rent-to-Own Clients? Rent-to-own houses can appeal to a range of potential clients depending on their specific circumstances and goals. Here are some common groups of people who may be interested in rent-to-own […]

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Ruaka Heights Project - Welcome to Fine Living

The Ruaka Heights Project – Welcome to Fine Living

In the realm of real estate, innovation and unique concepts often drive the housing market forward. The latest addition to this trend is an extraordinary housing project that introduces a captivating twist: a progressive price increase after each phase. This groundbreaking approach not only adds an element of anticipation and exclusivity but also promises potential […]

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